Reg. No. HOME/SRC-7317

About Us

Keystone Education aims to facilitate inclusion in educational institutions by providing special education needs support to students with learning disabilities.

Mission Statement

To provide equal learning opportunities for diverse learners with diverse skills, abilities, and backgrounds.


Whole-School Approach

Using a Universal Design for Learning, diverse learners in schools with their diverse strengths and challenges can be encouraged to succeed. Keystone Education provides support systems that will facilitate this Whole-School approach to inclusion.

Equality of Access

Work with other organisations in enabling equality of access to education for students with learning disabilities, including pedagogical strategies, accessibility of infrastructure, etc.


Train individuals and institutions involved in the education sector to be able to provide an inclusive environment of learning at all levels of education, as prescribed by the RPWD Act, 2016.

Equip Educators

Equip educators with the knowledge and tools that will help maximize learning for students with learning disabilities under their care.


Advocate for and help implement systems of teaching and learning that are suitably adapted to meet the learning needs of diverse students.


Organise events for the promotion of awareness of learning disabilities, the importance of equal access to education, and championing the cause for an inclusive society.

"We provide tailored education programs for schools so that students with special educational needs can benefit from their time in classrooms."



Lanusongla Lemtur, Education Specialist

Vice President

Esther Jamir, Child Development Professional


Benry Kikon, Business Owner


Molongnenla Imti, Business Owner

Executive Member

Temjenrenla Ozüküm, Assistant Professor, Department of Higher Education, Nagaland

Executive Member

Sanglipong Lemtur, Ph.D Scholar in Social Medicine, Jawaharlal Nehru University

Executive Member

Limakumla Pongener, Extra Assistant Commissioner, Government of Nagaland

Our Partners

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Jubilee Memorial School,

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